[p4] Off-site Perforce performance/optimization

Jeff Grills jgrills at drivensnow.org
Wed Nov 1 21:41:22 PST 2006

Have you considered a more aggressive auto-sync process so it's more likely
the cached version is available?  Perhaps have the proxy monitor the output
of "p4 changes -m 1 -s submitted", or a p4d change-commit trigger that
communicates back to the proxy to have it start up a sync?

I have another oddball idea, but I have no idea if it would really work.
Maybe one could use "p4p -w" to start up the proxy in read-only mode, and
then use something like rsync to update the proxy cache (only when changes
are known to have occurred, of course). I'm not sure which would be more
efficient over the wire in terms of bits transferred, but it's worth
investigating.  I don't see any previous discussion about this on this
mailing list though.  Anyone know?


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We are currently running a Windows Server 2003 system with Perforce as our
primary source control for about 110 people.

We have a group of about 10 people across the country who need constant
access to our source control.

We have set them up with a proxy server that is caching any files as they
are synchronized. We also have a client running on the proxy server that
automatically syncs a few times a day to try and keep the cache up to date.

Our users are still experiencing very poor performance with Perforce.

File transfers, when not cached, are taking an extremely large amount of
time and causing other problems such as client hangs.

The servers are version 2005.2 and most clients are 2005.2, with a few
running 2006.1.

Are there any optimization tips you guys can share to help improve this

Obviously, bandwidth is the major problem here for transfer times, but any
optimization ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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