[p4] Off-site Perforce performance/optimization

Chris Weiss chris.weiss at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 11:23:21 PST 2006

On 11/1/06, Jeff Desharnais <jdesharnais at maddocsoftware.com> wrote:
> We have set them up with a proxy server that is caching any files as
> they are synchronized. We also have a client running on the proxy server
> that automatically syncs a few times a day to try and keep the cache up
> to date.
> Our users are still experiencing very poor performance with Perforce.
> File transfers, when not cached, are taking an extremely large amount of
> time and causing other problems such as client hangs.

Note that whenever someone does a sync against the proxy, it still has
to query the root server to see if the file has been updated, so if
the connection is particularly poor, the clients connecting via proxy
will still have problems. I would expect the problems to be more
prevalent when syncing large numbers of files, rather than large

In Chapter 3 of the Perforce System Administrator's Guide (available
<a href="http://perforce.com/perforce/technical.html">here</a>), they
discuss using remote depots, which might be a better option for your


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