[p4] Is Sync -f trouble?

Chris Weiss chris.weiss at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 11:34:05 PST 2006

On 11/1/06, Jeff Grills <jgrills at junctionpoint.com> wrote:
> As far as perforce is concerned, 19000 files isn't that much - I've worked
> in places where each branch was 120,000+ files and 4+ gb of file data.
> Since you're in the "middle of a release", you probably don't have a lot of
> time to be rearchitecting your automated build system.  A super easy
> temporary fix might be to install a p4 proxy (or two or more) and point the
> build machines at the proxies.  That will at least move the burden of
> transferring the files off your primary server.  You might even run a proxy
> on each build box, but if you do that it would be best if you can put the
> proxy files on a different physical drive from where you sync the files to
> so that you're not reading and writing from the same disk and wasting a lot
> of time seeking the drive heads around.  Depending upon the size of your
> network and the way it is configured, it might at very least make sense to
> make sure the proxies are sitting on the same switch as the build boxes to
> reduce traffic over the backbone of your network.

I would second this - We saw tremendous gains putting an unused
workstation in as a proxy for our build farm. We're also 10/100
through most of the company and were able to use gigabit ethernet for
the switch that the build farm was on.

In our tests, using an external box over gigabit ethernet was much
faster than running the proxy on the build machines themselves (which
are all single IDE-disk based).


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