[p4] Protection file question

Stanton Stevens sstevens at adobe.com
Fri Nov 3 09:15:44 PST 2006

I've noticed that people that can benefit from proxies sometimes develop
a prejudice against them because they they don't quite understand how
they work. They try syncing files that aren't yet cached, or try a few
non-sync operations, and decide that the proxy offers no benefit. 

What I do (with a script) is find the sync lines in the log file
(running p4d with -vserver=3 to get log entries) that mention the IP
address range of the remote site, then email those people pointing out
how they bypassed the proxy and why they and others would benefit if
they did use the proxy. It doesn't hurt to add the threat to do the
protect table cutoff to the email. After doing this a couple of times
people usually try the proxy, get the benefit, and then don't want to
bypass it. 

Even a few people bypassing the proxy can add a huge amount of traffic
to the WAN. 


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This fits under the category of "Just because I can, doesn't mean I

I have a group of errant developers in India that are accessing and
syncing large file sets directly from our Perforce server in Atlanta,

They have a local proxy but are too lazy to change their P4Port.

I was thinking of excluding their client host IP range in the
protections file and allow only the IP of their local proxy.

Other than showing up in person and clubbing them, is there a better way
to do this?

-Shawn J>

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