[p4] Question about getting email notification on submittals.

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Tue Nov 7 11:07:47 PST 2006

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> I changed it not to send an email to the submitter and other 
> developers complained they wanted those notifications.
> Now, I'm stuck attempting to figure out a way that developers 
> can let me know if they want to be emailed on reviews if they
> were the submitter.

In our daily review script, I implemented options that users could
add to the review section in their user specs. These take the
form of depots that will never exist and, thus, are ignored by
Perforce and review demons like the python script:

      Any changes made by the indicated user(s) will be ignored.
      By default, changes made by the "owner" of the review entry
      are ignored. This affects subsequent review lines.

      Undoes the effect of //-U. You can cause your own changes
      to be part of the review email by placing a //+U/youruserid
      as the first line of your entry.
In this case, the options are generic, taking one or more user id
arguments, but you could easily implement it without arguments.


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