[p4] Valid idea to increase performance? Project Proxies?

David Alban dalban at stubhub.com
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This doesn't answer your specific question, but a perforce product
consultant visited us the other day.  One of his comments was that if
users' client views are too encompassing (i.e., too broad), server
performance will take a hit.

I don't know if that's what is happening with your users, or if
informing them of this will help your performance.

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We have 3-4 projects running currently and they are all large and pretty

All 3 projects are running from their own depots on the same Perforce

We are starting to reach some bottlenecks in terms of I/O and general

My thought process is to set up a proxy server for each project, so each
team has it's own Proxy server and cache to pull from throughout the

The idea:

                |-------------[project 1 proxy]
Main Server ---<|-------------[project 2 proxy]
                |-------------[project 3 proxy]

So we would have the main server that would distribute assets to the
each teams' proxy server and cache up the assets so that each member of
that team can pull from their project's proxy server which will contain
some fast raptor 10krpm drive.

Is this a valid performance-increasing idea and are there any side
effects I may not know about?

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