[p4] RCS keywords

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Thu Nov 9 08:39:56 PST 2006

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> I'm curious if the folks on this list choose to use perforce's
> capability of expanding these keywords, or whether you have other
> methods of determining which version of a controlled file is in
> production.  Or, when you want to know, do you always go back to the
> repository and get a checksum of the head (or other relevant) 
> version of
> the file to compare with that of the file in production.

We do use it for some human-readable files that will be distributed
outside our development environment. Script files mostly. For most
source files it makes no sense, and for others our build number
system contains enough information to determine the revisions of the
files and this number is added during the build process.


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