[p4] Installer enhancement request

Greg Whitfield g.whitfield at computer.org
Thu Nov 9 09:06:04 PST 2006

I completely agree. I always warn my users to ensure they do not install it,
but obviously some slip through the net.

If ever anyone complains about extreme PC slowdown after installing
Perforce, just look for P4EXP as the chief suspect. 

It's a nice idea in theory, but in practice causes more problems than it


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Does anyone else feel that the P4EXP component should not be installed by

I hate that thing!  

20MB of log file entries in 2 days caused by users "unknowingly"
installing that component.

Please Perforce change the p4wininst.exe to not install this component by

-Shawn J>
Perforce Admin
Ciena Corp.

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