[p4] Perforce performance halts during large file copy

Jeff Desharnais jdesharnais at maddocsoftware.com
Thu Nov 9 10:25:14 PST 2006

We are running Perforce 2005.2 on a Windows Server 2003.

We are having problems where the Perforce server grinds to halt when
someone is copying a large set of files to the machine that runs the
perforce server... Even though the files are being copied to a different
drive than Perforce's.

Recent scenario:

User begins copying 18gigs of data to a drive on the server.

Perforce appears to hang up completely and everyone loses access to the

We restart the service and it runs okay for a few mintues. Shortly
after, Perforce becomes very slow and eventually grinds to a halt again.

The file copy is canceled and things are now running fine again.

Can anyone explain why this may be happening? I don't see the system
being hogged by I/O yet Perforce still seems to grind to a halt during
network I/O activity. This also happened when a user tried using Winrar
to extract files that live on the server. Same results - Perforce grinds
to a halt.

Any ideas?


Jeff Desharnais
IT Specialist
Mad Doc Software
100 Burtt Rd., Suite 220
Andover, MA  01810
(978) 409-6272 Ext. 132

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