[p4] RCS keywords

Mike mikee at mikee.ath.cx
Thu Nov 9 11:54:21 PST 2006

On Thu, 09 Nov 2006, Weintraub, David might have said:

> It is interesting to see that modern version control systems like
> Subversion and Peforce have keyword expansion off by default. ClearCase
> doesn't even bother to implement this feature. Keyword expansion, like
> "uucp" and "tip" are old Unix habits that have outlived their
> usefulness.

I disagree that keyword expansion has outlived its usefulness. In a
development environment the use may be not as great as it once was. However,
in a production environment where I am diagnosing a problem that may be
related to an inconsistent build that slipped past QA, ident marks in the
code really help me know the code is built consistently.


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