[p4] Perforce performance halts during large file copy

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Thu Nov 9 16:15:23 PST 2006

For a tool that heavily uses disk and network I/O, that's a pretty heavy 
additional load. When you say "I/O" which are you talking about? You 
could just be thrashing your disk. There could also be significant 
memory use in the copy for caching. You don't specify whether the "from" 
disk is one Perforce is using. Also, if the machine is using IDE disks, 
they have a more significant CPU hit than a SCSI disk. And in the WinZip 
case, that's a lot of CPU hit, as well.


Jeff Desharnais wrote:
> We are running Perforce 2005.2 on a Windows Server 2003.
> We are having problems where the Perforce server grinds to halt when
> someone is copying a large set of files to the machine that runs the
> perforce server... Even though the files are being copied to a different
> drive than Perforce's.
> Recent scenario:
> User begins copying 18gigs of data to a drive on the server.
> Perforce appears to hang up completely and everyone loses access to the
> depots.
> We restart the service and it runs okay for a few mintues. Shortly
> after, Perforce becomes very slow and eventually grinds to a halt again.
> The file copy is canceled and things are now running fine again.
> Can anyone explain why this may be happening? I don't see the system
> being hogged by I/O yet Perforce still seems to grind to a halt during
> network I/O activity. This also happened when a user tried using Winrar
> to extract files that live on the server. Same results - Perforce grinds
> to a halt.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
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