[p4] RCS keywords

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Fri Nov 10 08:47:31 PST 2006

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> > That kind of thing is taken care of by the Perforce metadata so
> > you don't need the information in the files themselves. (The
> > information that would be inserted into the files is just a copy
> > of the metadata info anyway.) In fact, adding the information
> > through keyword expansion just complicates merging between branches
> > as it introduces non-functional changes which show up in diffs (not
> > a big deal, but why worry about it at all).
> > 
> > To indicate the source files used to build a binary, you generally
> > only need to include a single item in one file created at build
> > time. This would probably be a change number.
> Only if you have the source files at hand. If you only have the
> binary the metadata will do no good.

We build it into the binaries. I meant to imply that, but wasn't
clear. Works fine that way, we've accurately created entire builds
just by pulling the build number (which includes the top change)
from one binary.


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