[p4] Installer enhancement request

Greg Whitfield g.whitfield at computer.org
Fri Nov 10 12:44:24 PST 2006

The performance hit I have seen with P4EXP was not anything to do with the
server. It is all client PC side - the mere presence of the plugin can cause
a PC's File Explorer to suck up a huge amount of resource. Sometimes it
would take several minutes just to open an explorer.

This does not occur on all PC's, but I never managed to isolate the
differences between machines where it was OK and those that were badly hit.
There could well be some interaction with other plugins or services, or
perhaps just down to how a user operates his PC. Certainly the one common
cure was to remove P4EXP.

We also had really bad problems if ever there was a glitch in the link to
the Perforce server. If that ever happened, then the chances were your PC
would become unusable.


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> When someone is trolling around their file system with the windows 
> file explorer, P4EXP checks every file/directory they click on with 
> the Perforce server. I had a batch of users that spend a good deal of 
> time roaming around the directory structure as a part of their daily 
> work.
> When I stripped everything out of the log file except the P4EXP 
> entries I still had 20 MB left of log file.
> So in my opinion P4EXP does spam the log file.  When a typical week 
> for me of log entries hovers around 60MB for 7 days and I was well on 
> my way to 100MB log file for the week I know a bunch of P4EXP clients 
> have been installed.

I did some analysis of our current log file with respect to the clients,
p4v, p4win and p4exp and got these results:

p4v   unique users:  5, Server hits: 21,618, Avg: 4,324
p4exp unique users: 34, Server hits:  3,619, Avg:   106
p4win unique users: 12, Server hits:    179, Avg:    15

I don't see p4exp being that big a hog. I suspect most of the p4exp users I
have are running with default settings, too, and haven't, for example,
turned off icons, server polling or limited it's view, so most of these
instances are running at max.

Maybe your users are just very active and if they weren't using p4exp,
they'd be using p4v more (which seems to hit the server a LOT more often).



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