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Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Fri Nov 10 13:42:34 PST 2006

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> The performance hit I have seen with P4EXP was not anything 
> to do with the
> server. It is all client PC side - the mere presence of the 
> plugin can cause
> a PC's File Explorer to suck up a huge amount of resource. 
> Sometimes it would take several minutes just to open an explorer.

Addendum: I've seen this behavior, but not with P4Exp itself. The
	two cases I've experienced were:

1. Accessing a shared Win 2K drive from XP. There was a known bug
	in XP that caused delays of several minutes. I believe this
	was fixed in a patch some time ago, though.

2. Having McAfee's Host Intrusion Protection Service installed.
	Usually this isn't a problem, but we've noticed that under
	the right (or wrong) circumstances, it can cause delays in
	explorer and file history drop downs. Shutting down the HIPS
	service can also cause problems (because there are other
	services that keep running - and you can't stop them - that
	get cranky if they can't find HIPS). To see if this is an
	issue, you need to disable the HIPS service and then reboot.

#2 usually only introduced annoying, but not really bad delays.
However, we found that HIPS would interact with other things in
unpredictable ways. (It positively could not coexist nicely with
cygwin - our build system was crippled until we disabled HIPS.)

As a general rule, we've also found that cleaning up all the temp
directories on Windows machines from time to time cures a surprising
number of ills.



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