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> I'd fully recommend at least the following for a real production
> environment.  

In the environment where a build performed automatically on a 
separate build management server nothing of this should be 

Normally a production build runs against a clean directory 
structure where a simple p4 sync is done to populate it.

Just my 5c.


Slava Imeshev

> One important thing that the following instructions don't
> catch is extra files that perforce knows nothing about.
> j
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> With Perforce, creating a record of what went into the build, and  
> verifying that what was in the build area is indeed what was  
> recorded, is trivial:
> p4 files #have > manifest
> p4 diff -sd > unauthorized_deletions
> p4 diff -se > unauthorized_edits
> p4 opened > uncommited_changes
> The first file will contain exact record of every version of every  
> file in the build area, and the latter three should be empty to  
> ensure the consistency. This is done *before* the build, so you don't  
> even start building anything that might be inconsistent. Now you  
> associate the manifest with the unique build ID, store it  
> indefinitely, and all you need in the software is an appropriate  
> embedding of the build ID.
> The above is just a minor part of what goes into ensuring  
> consistency, proper branching discipline being one of much more  
> important contributing factors.
> KK
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