[p4] super for remote users?

David Alban dalban at stubhub.com
Mon Nov 13 14:52:11 PST 2006


I'm tasked with deploying perforce.  I'm thinking about going with the
following protections:[1]

        write user * INTERNAL_NETWORK_01 //...
        write user * INTERNAL_NETWORK_02 //...
        write user * //...
        super user perforce //...
        write group p4admin INTERNAL_NETWORK_01 //...
        write group p4admin INTERNAL_NETWORK_02 //...
        super group p4admin //...

where the INTERNAL_NETWORK_01 and INTERNAL_NETWORK_02 above are
placeholders in this email for real x.y.z.* netmasks.

Do you think allowing super only on localhost is too restrictive /
paranoid?  Should folks in p4admin have super from remote hosts too?


[1]  Before we actually cut over from our current scm tool to perforce,
     the "user *" rules will be broken down futher into groups such as
     developers, qa, release management, etc.
David Alban <dalban at stubhub.com>
Release Engineering Tools

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