[p4] 100K bug bug(TM): p4 jobs sort workaround?

seabruce at comcast.net seabruce at comcast.net
Mon Nov 13 16:56:56 PST 2006

Where I work, we use P4DTI to interface between Perforce and Bugzilla defect tracking system.  Perforce takes the job name (bug number) from Bugzilla.  We recently rolled from over from bug99999 to bug100000.  Instead of having a party, this is now causing an issue where Perforce doesn't display the latest bugs by default.  

It appears the issue is due to the fact that Perforce sorts jobs alphabetically <http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.061/manuals/cmdref/jobs.html#1040665> and because there is now an extra digit after the three-letter 'bug' prefix.  

Viewing all jobs in P4V or running a command like "p4 jobs -r -m 100" (which would usually display the latest bugs because they have the *highest numbers*) displays the five-digit bug names first before the six digit ones because bug100000 comes before bug99999 alphabetically.  

I'm working with Perforce Tech Support but in the meantime, I wonder if any other users have addressed something like this.  I couldn't find anything related to this on the web.  I don't know if there is a workaround to possibly drop the prefix or add a date sort to the default p4 jobs command.

Thanks for reading,

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