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Let's say you are using make. From what you describe, one of you actions
requires a folder. So to me, it sounds like that target needs to depend on
the folder. You should have a rule for that folder. It's action would create
the folder if it doesn't exist.

The advantage of this is that your builds always work, no matter what
version control system you use. You build will still work even if the code
is taken out of context (out of the version control system.)

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So, given a situation where you need to create a stable, consistent folder
structure for a project, how do you approach the issue of empty folder
creation in Perforce?  Subversion, CVS and unmentionable source control
systems have solutions for this.  I am not familiar with the best way to
resolve this using Perforce.

Do you use token files to populate each folder you need to create?  Do you
use external tools to drive folder creation of templated projects? Do you
create folders in the file system and not worry about loading them into
Perforce until files exist underneath them?

I'm interested in any and all approaches or alternatives that you may have
to this issue.


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