[p4] Preventing Windows machines from syncing symbolic links

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You could use a proxy and the protections mentioned in this article
to prevent the sync of specific files from a specific IP address range.

You could use triggers.

I can think of a couple of ways this may be possible.

Be patient and wiser, better suggestions than mine are bound to show up!

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I wander if anyone has stumbled on this issue before:

We are using P4 to control symlinks, and we have many workspaces which
are shared between Windows and Linux.
Only Linux machines can submit symlinks to P4 - this is perfect. 
The problem is when a Windows machine syncs a symlink to a shared
workspace: P4Win creates a small text file with the symlink target as
content, as documented. Instead I want P4Win to avoid syncing it at all.
This way, instead of polluting the workspace with a small file (instead
of the symlink), the symlink would simply be missing, and a sync from
the Linux side would create it.

Obviously, if we could instruct all users of such shared workspaces to
always sync from the Linux side, there would be no problem. But since
people are people, they will sync from the Windows side sometimes (by
mistake), so I want the result to be easily diagnosable (Missing link)
and easily recoverable (Solution: sync again from the Linux side).

Does anyone have a method for preventing Windows machines from syncing
symlinks ?
I don't mind having to tag each of them somehow, if that could help.

Thanks a lot, Oren.

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