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Weintraub, David david.weintraub at bofasecurities.com
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We use private developer branches on quite a few occasions. Mainly, so
the build doesn't break while long term changes are taking place. Using
private development branches is not the standard way Perforce is used,
but Perforce does a good job handling the situation if you follow Laura
Wingerd's "merge up/copy down" approach. There's a paper on this
technique at <http://snipurl.com/perforce>.

There is a minor issue in using this "merge up/copy down" method if you
use the P4V or p4win programs because there's one step that's not
directly built into those GUI's menu system. However, its pretty easy to
add this step to these programs, so that's not really a show stopper.

I haven't used the Eclipse plug-in for Perforce, but apparently it is
very good. 

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Has anyone implemented developer-private branches?  


We have a limited need for them (1-2 devs out of about 10).  We would
use a dev-private branch when work on a bug fix or enhancement may take
several weeks, and a developer needs to minimize the impact of losing
his workspace (due to a local disk problem, for example). Builds would
break if the changes were checked in incrementally to the shared
'Working' branch.


I'm evaluating Perforce/p4wsad as a possible replacement for
CVS/eclipse; thanks in advance for your help.


Marilyn Betsill

TEOCO Corporation

Fairfax, VA  22033

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