[p4] perl trigger

Robert McKenna robertm at bioware.com
Wed Nov 15 14:52:33 PST 2006


I'm having a problem with a trigger which runs fine unless I try to
execute a command using back ticks or system. The following is a very
simple trigger I've been using for testing and which fails on the line
@FILES = `ls -l /perforce/triggers`;. The trigger succeeds if this line
is replaced with a static assignment to @FILES. "Die" produces no output
in the validation failure message. 



@FILES = `ls -l /perforce/triggers` || die("Bombed");

foreach $FILE (@FILES) {

  $test = $FILE;



The entry in the triggers table is this.


simple change-submit //test/perforce/robertm/triggers/CookedXenon/...
"/usr/bin/perl /perforce/triggers/simple.pl 2>&1"


Any thoughts would be welcome.


Rob McKenna

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