[p4] Huge vertical window dialog on Submit changes from within Visual Studio 2005

Finn Normann Pedersen merenpha at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 05:37:23 PST 2006


Have anyone expirienced the following problems? (And possibly have a fix).

When using P4 from within visual studio 2005, when I submit change to
one or more file, the dialog window I receive from perforce to
describe my changelist is vertically huge, and by the way unresizable.
The window goes well out of bounds on the bottom of my screen anyway.

I can see from the dialog that the dialog is from P4v - the new
perforce client with yellow p4 logo. The window title is Submit
changes: default ... where default of course refer to the default
unnamed changelist.

Best regards,
  Finn Normann Pedersen

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