[p4] P4 Set not working

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Thu Nov 16 07:01:15 PST 2006

The problem here is that there are multiple ways to set the Perforce 
environment and they have a precedence. In the precedence, true 
environment variables override registry settings. These users probably 
went into the Environment Variables section of their System control 
panel to set the variable. They need to remove that variable definition, 
restart any running shells and applications that care about the value 
and they'll be fine.

If you enter just 'p4 set' it will show you all the variables and which 
instance of them is currently in effect.


Jeff Desharnais wrote:
> We just set up a proxy server for one of our teams.
> We sent out an email instructing people to run the following command to
> update P4PORT to point to the proxy server: 
> p4 set P4PORT=proxy1:1667
> On some machines this command goes through fine and updates the P4PORT
> setting.
> On other machines, however, we get the following error message:
> Perforce client warning:
>         Warning: environment variable hides registry definition of
> Has anyone experienced this and/or know a cause or solution to it?
> Thanks,
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