[p4] p4 integ with "-i"...any harm?

Rick Macdonald rickmacd at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 16 09:23:44 PST 2006

It's one specific case of "Merge Down". I don't include -i in the normal 
case of a programmer with a dev branch below the mainline or a 
bugfix/patch branch below a release stabilization branch, but I do when 
bugfix changes in a release stabilization branch are  merged into its 
parent, the mainline.

If there has been no activity in the mainline since the release branch 
changes were made, I use Laura's "Copy Up" recipe  to the mainline, but 
it breaks Laura's chart in that this Copy Up is downwards on the chart.

If there are new changes in the mainline, I branch the mainline into a 
merge branch. I draw this merge branch below the mainline on charts to 
keep the Down/Up scenario sensible. Then I integrate the stabilization 
branch down into the merge branch. This is the "Merge Down" step. After 
resolving and testing, I run Laura's recipe for the Copy Up to the 

When I was writing the script about 10 months ago, I had to add the -i 
flag to this particular Merge Down step, but unfortunately I didn't make 
a note as to why. So, I left it in for this case of Merge Down. If you 
are wary of this, are you saying it changes the behavior of the 
integrate for the files that don't need it?


Robert Cowham wrote:
> Depends on what your script is doing.
> Given the new common ancestor detection (2005.2 and later), you should
> hardly ever need it.
> I would be wary of turning it on by default unless I was doing something
> like reparenting a branch (as in Practical Perforce).
> Robert 
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>> It's not clear to me if the integrate "-i" option changes the 
>> behaviour in any way if you use the flag when you don't need it.
>> Any ideas?
>> I'm wondering if it will do any harm if I code a script to 
>> always use the flag just for the odd time when I actually need it.
>> ...RickM...
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