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Scott Barney sbarney at expedia.com
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Be clear whether you're talking about SharePoint Team Services (included
with Windows Server) or SharePoint Portal Server, a separate product.
The names have caused (IMHO) a lot of confusion. If I may oversimplify:
They started as completely unrelated products -- SharePoint Portal
Server grew out of Site Server, SharePoint Team Services grew out of the
server-side FrontPage Server Extensions. Both provide (or have provided)
document repositories with pretty different capabilities.

The 2001 release of Portal Server included a document management system
with simple workflow (eg, different users could be marked as
authors/editors/approvers for different documents). That system was
based on the Exchange data store, which kind of lost out to SQL Server.
In V2 (2003?) the system still existed, but was deprecated. I don't know
about V3+.

The 2001 release of Team Services started with a nice concept of shared
lists, stored in SQL Server. A calendar could be handled as a list of
meetings; a discussion area as a list of messages; and a file repository
as a list of records (metadata) with attached binary files. There wasn't
much (any?) workflow or security, although that's probably improved.

One detail that might be important to this audience: To my knowledge, MS
provides no filesystem support for either kind of repository. Access is
through Office's Web Folders shell extension -- which works great for
Office and the like, but there's nothing you can CD to and no way to run
simple command-line utilities (perl scripts or compilers) on the files.

-- Scott

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Does anyone on this list have any experience with Sharepoint? Recently a
group in my company has suggested using Sharepoint for managing our
engineering documents as well as documents from marketing and customer
service. I don't know much about Sharepoint and was hoping someone might
have an insight or two on how it compares to Perforce's functionality.

Our engineering team uses Perforce for SCM and Team Track as our defect
tracking tool. I've been asked to comment on whether that combination
can do the same things that Sharepoint can do.  I've taking a quick look
at the MS web site, and it looks like there is quite a bit that our
current tools could do in terms of running a document control system,
but I did want to hear if anyone had an experience with both tools.


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