[p4] cvs2p4: relocation error

Cody Holbrook Cody.Holbrook at openwave.com
Mon Nov 20 10:30:29 PST 2006

The solution to this problem was fairly simple.  The PERL5LIB env var should be set to so that version of perl it uses is the first perl invoked from the PATH.  That may have been too wordy.  Set PATH=/correct/path/to/perl:$PATH and make sure you have PERL5LIB set as well.



From: Cody Holbrook 
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 11:36 AM
To: 'perforce-user at perforce.com'
Subject: cvs2p4: relocation error


I've just recently attempted to use /test/runtest and have run into a problem I don't know how to get around.  Here's what I see:


runtest> rm -rf /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir

runtest> mkdir /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir

runtest> cp /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/config.test /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir/config

runtest> cp /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/brmap.pl /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir

runtest> cp /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/exclude_branches /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir

runtest> cp /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/exclude_tags /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir

runtest: create bad filename "\002"

runtest: create bad filename "x\001y"

runtest: create bad filename "bad\177\377\324\003\004\005dab"

runtest > chdir /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6

runtest> bin/genmetadata test_conv_dir

ld.so.1: perl: fatal: relocation error: file /opt/csw/lib/perl/5.8.8/auto/Fcntl/Fcntl.so: symbol Perl_Tstack_sp_ptr: referenced symbol not found

runtest: *** "bin/genmetadata test_conv_dir" exited with signal 9 status 0

runtest> diff /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/lines.good /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir/lines

diff: /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir/lines: No such file or directory

runtest: *** "diff /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/lines.good /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test_conv_dir/lines" exited with signal 0 status 2

runtest: *** genmetadata bad results

runtest> rm -f /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/,v

runtest> rm -f /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/xy,v

runtest> rm -f /opt/cvs2p4-3.0b6/test/badÿÔdab,v


Has anyone run into this before?  I should mention that I had to define PERL5LIB because I initially had a problem locating DB_File.pm.  Despite having various versions of perl5 installed, I've only one DB_File.pm.  Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.




Cody Holbrook

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