[p4] getting rid of clients?

Weintraub, David david.weintraub at bofasecurities.com
Mon Nov 20 10:42:03 PST 2006

The client information is stored mainly in the db.have database file.
This file has a record for each file version in a particular client and
can get very big. There is also a db.client database file that stores
one record for each client, and that database file doesn't contribute a
lot to the size of the depot's database. The source files themselves
inside the depot directory aren't affected by the number of clients.

Removing unwanted clients won't shrink the db.have file. To reduce its
size, you need to:

1). Take down the Perforce server
2). Checkpoint the database
3). Delete all of the database files and rebuild them from the
checkpoint file.
4). Start up the server again.

If you want to save the client specs, setup a "spec" depot. Then if the
user wants to restore the client they can use the stored layout in the
spec depot.

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Does anyone have an idea on how to suggest to my people (mostly
developers) that 'p4 clients' that are no longer used, etc., be removed
from the p4 system? Is there a suggested method of backup and restoring
after the clients are removed for the purpose of reducing my depot size?

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