[p4] P4 monitor and task clog?

Robert McKenna robertm at bioware.com
Mon Nov 20 12:53:37 PST 2006

The number of processes shown is not surprising but the duration of most
is not. I suspect that there are only 4 active processes in that
listing. We have a similar problem in which in house tools built using
the C++ API do not appear to end processes correctly unless the tool
itself is closed. Not all users do so with the result that we
occasionally see process running for 24 hours or more when from the
users point of view they have completed. Similar but legitimate long
running tasks can occur when a user is doing a large manual resolve.

I'd have a look at the systems that started the long running processes
to find the cause. 

Rob McKenna
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When running a p4 monitor show the following appears:

p4 monitor show

  264 R user1   1407:12:14 sync
  276 R user2     332:07:11 fstat
  372 R user3   1655:09:47 fstat
  696 R user4     255:34:38 sync
  736 R user5    1655:34:55 sync
 1072 R user6      647:23:15 changes
 1192 R user7     1771:28:05 sync
 1240 R user8   332:03:43 fstat
 1424 R user9     255:29:18 fstat
 1524 R user10    647:21:23 fstat
 1684 R user11 647:16:26 fstat
 1844 R user12    332:08:55 fstat
 1864 R user13  332:02:02 fstat
 2576 R user14  332:08:43 fstat
 2752 R user15    00:05:26 sync
 2832 R user16   00:00:00 monitor
 3360 R user17  331:51:54 fstat
 3656 R user18   332:03:44 fstat
 3876 R user19      00:21:35 sync
 5924 R user20   00:00:21 sync
 6008 R user21   331:52:02 fstat

I have removed the users names just for privacy purposes.

Is it normal to have this many processes running this long, or is this a
form of backlog?


Jeff Desharnais
IT Specialist
Mad Doc Software
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