[p4] p4 client -i

Cody Holbrook Cody.Holbrook at openwave.com
Mon Nov 20 13:20:40 PST 2006

I'm having trouble with this command:


                        p4 client newclientname -i < client.info


As much as I think this should work based on our command ref, it does
not.  The file client.info is a result of a script that replaces the
tokens in client.info.template to something meaningful.  The
client.info.template file looks exactly like what you would see if you
ran p4 client CLIENTNAME, except the View has been changed.  My ultimate
goal is to have a script that can be feed a string then create a
directory, client, and branch based on that string.  I feel that I'm
close, but this seems to be a catching point.  Am I going about this the
wrong way?


If you've run into this before and maybe have some sage advice to pass
on, I'd appreciate it.


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