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Dave Lewis dlewis78731 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 22:18:23 PST 2006

well, when you use -i you don't need to specify the clientname because
that's already in the client.info

you can also create new clients using -t

p4 -c newclientname client -o -t templateclient | p4 client -i

which will set the root to whereever you execute the command from.
probably you could use -d to set the dir and thus the client root

creating a branch requires that you create a client (or use an
existing one) that encompases the area in the depot where you
want the branch to be.

the perforce truths:

- nothing gets into the depot except by being submited from a client
- you cannot create depot files unless your client maps to that place
in the depot
- nothing happens until you submit.

there are obscure exceptions, but these are good practical guidelines.


On 11/20/06, Cody Holbrook <Cody.Holbrook at openwave.com> wrote:
> I'm having trouble with this command:
>                         p4 client newclientname -i < client.info
> As much as I think this should work based on our command ref, it does
> not.  The file client.info is a result of a script that replaces the
> tokens in client.info.template to something meaningful.  The
> client.info.template file looks exactly like what you would see if you
> ran p4 client CLIENTNAME, except the View has been changed.  My ultimate
> goal is to have a script that can be feed a string then create a
> directory, client, and branch based on that string.  I feel that I'm
> close, but this seems to be a catching point.  Am I going about this the
> wrong way?
> If you've run into this before and maybe have some sage advice to pass
> on, I'd appreciate it.
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