[p4] Nuking accidental adds

Weintraub, David david.weintraub at bofasecurities.com
Tue Nov 21 14:24:26 PST 2006

Have you done a "p4 opened" and see which Perforce client they're on?

$ p4 opened -a //path/to/files/...

Then, *using that client*, revert the files:

$ p4 revert //...

The above will revert all opened files on the client no matter what
changelist. If you have a changelist #, you can do:

$ p4 revert -c <changelist> //...

And that will limit the reverting to just the files on that changelist.

If Perforce complains about the lock (I don't think it will), simply do
an unlock first:

$ p4 unlock //...

IMPORTANT: You cannot revert or unlock the files unless you are using
the client they were opened under. If the client directory no longer
exists, you can delete the client, and that will clear the locks and
revert the files.

If the client is for a different machine that you currently don't have
access to, you can use the "-H" parameter to override the Host: field in
the client:

$ p4 -c <client> -H <currentHost> revert //...

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I've got a slew of files that are in a locked changelist that no longer
exist on the filesystem, but somehow (its been a while since I've
attached to this screen session) these files are "locked" and marked for
add. Most of them are stupid .svn/* files that must be remnant from an
accidental recursive add I did in a project directory, how can I get rid
of them in my changelist?

p4 revert -c changelist#

doesn't work without the files argument it seems :-/


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