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Rick Cameron Rick.Cameron at businessobjects.com
Tue Nov 21 16:01:28 PST 2006

I haven't used CVS in Eclipse, but I've been using p4wsad for about a

The single biggest benefit of p4wsad is that you can perform
refactorings that affect the structure of the depot (such as renaming a
package) easily. In my experience the plug-in has always done the right
thing in terms of perforce commands. 

Occasionally p4wsad doesn't open a file for edit and Eclipse reports
that the refactoring can't proceed because a file is read-only. Doing
the refactoring a second time seems to correct this.

Other benefits:
- when a class is created in Eclipse it is automatically added to the
- a file is automatically checked out when you start typing in it

- if you have performance problems with your Perforce server, Eclipse
will hang often
- there are several things you can do in p4win/p4v but not in p4wsad,
such as edit your client spec
- there are limitations to the UI, such as not having an equivalent of
p4win's "Client View of Depot"
- p4wsad often adds files to the depot that I don't want added; there is
some control over this, but it's not very precise
- I don't think there's a simple way to sync all the projects that are
under source control

I continue to use it, but I also keep p4win open for certain tasks.


- rick

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Can anyone relate their experiences using the p4wsad plugin for Eclipse?

In particular, anyone who has used cvs-eclipse?  Are any additional
tools available that should be used in a perforce-eclipse IDE?

We're using Eclipse 3.1.


Marilyn Betsill

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