[p4] Often requested feature available in the 2006.2 beta

Patrick Bennett patrick.bennett at inin.com
Tue Nov 21 20:19:55 PST 2006

Jeff Grills wrote:
> >From the 2006.2 beta release notes:
> 	#106450 **
> 	    'p4 submit' now sports a '-d description' option.  This allows
> 	    the user to submit files without the need for a changelist 
> 	    dialog.  See 'p4 help submit'.  (Bug #258).
> I thought you all would want to know.  And look at that low bug number
> associated with the change, too!
Geesh, it's about time!
I'm just glad they chose the same command-line argument I did when I 
added the same functionality to our 'p' wrapper scripts 4+ years ago!
Perforce is a great product, but man, sometimes Perforce improves a 
little too slowly for my taste.  :\

Patrick Bennett

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