[p4] Two instances of p4p on the same machine.

Sweeney, Tony sweeney at ea.com
Wed Nov 22 08:17:56 PST 2006

	this is possible, we apparently have this running in-house.
However, I didn't set it up, and my spies tell me this involved some
registry hacking on Windows.  If Greg Whitfield is still subscribed to
the list, he may be able to supply the details.  Alternatively, I may be
able to grub through the registry on the machine on which we have
multiple proxies configured and let you know which knobs to twiddle.


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> Hi,
> 	Is it possible to configure two instances of p4p on the same
> machine?
> I am trying to set two proxies; one for our internal server 
> and another
> for to connect to my Client's server. I am using Win 2000 as my server
> machine.
> What would my P4PORT environment variable be?
> Any help would be highly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Raghu
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