[p4] Often requested feature available in the 2006.2 beta

Jeff Grills jgrills at junctionpoint.com
Wed Nov 22 16:20:27 PST 2006

Not in this instance, but it's a topic that's been discussed often enough on
this mailing list that I thought this new feature warranted an email to this
list.  I didn't intend on getting derailed into the classic "but making a
change form isn't hard to do" discussion that typically follows when someone
asks how to submit a changelist from a script.  In the past I've also
claimed it's not hard to create a change form, and even went to the point of
arguing against having perforce add this feature because it's so easy for us
to do ourselves - I'd rather they worked on things for which we don't have
easy work-arounds.  Anyway, it's there, and many people will rejoice.

Take care,


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> Is there some special situation going on where creating a 
> change form is difficult?
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> Rusty

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