[p4] How to delete a perforce client

Subramanian Olagappan osubbu at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 23 01:07:53 PST 2006

Yes,  this is my client workspace, I mean I created it.

How to check who owns the client workspace and what permission it has.
I am using Windows XP.

Do I need special permission to delete my own client workspace ?


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Is this your client workspace, if its
some one else, you need to be a super user.


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Re: [p4] How to delete a perforce client

Assuming it's your client.... Are there files open
on the client?  I think

you need to revert those first.


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I am new to perforce.

How to delete a perforce client.

Error:You don't have permission for this operation.

Command run: p4 -df client_name




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