[p4] Doubt with exclusion principle...

Sushree Tripathy sushreetripathy at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 24 00:43:51 PST 2006

Hi All,

I have tried to explain a situation below...
I have a client sushree_ws
view : //depot/... sushree_ws/...
       -//depot/rel1/... //sushree_ws/...
       -//depot/main/... //sushree_ws/...

I have a branch spec rel2
view : //depot/... //depot/rel2/...
       -//depot/main/... //depot/rel2/...
       -//depot/rel1/... //depot/rel2/...

I have files at depot level.

Using the above client spec if i try and sync it says
File(s) not in client view.

Then I changed the client spec to
view : //depot/... sushree_ws/...
I got all the files from main and rel1 to the

Now if I follow a branch using the above branch spec I
get all the files from main and rel1 branched to

Why is Perforce including main and rel1 evenif we have
excluded it?

How/Where the exclusion principle(- sign) works?

I could branch the files at depot level to rel2 using
the file specification but I want to know in depth
obout the use of the exclusion principle, I mean the
underlying concept...

Please share your expertise...


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