[p4] p4label task of ANT - owner was not created

Greg Pan Greg.Pan at excapsa.ca
Fri Nov 24 12:27:37 PST 2006

Hi all,


Can anyone who experienced this issue before please help?


I used the ANT task p4label to create a P4 label like this:


                        <echo message="user is ${env.P4USER}"/>



                                    desc="Created by ${env.P4USER}
during the Java Processor Engine automated build process - do not modify
after it's created"




The task executed without any error and the label did get created. The
issue is that the Owner field is empty - although ${env.P4USER} did
evaluate to have the right string. When you use p4 label form to view
the label the entry Owner was not present in the form.


I believed it's a bug with ANT (1.6.5) but wanted to get some feedback
from you before I dig into ANT's sources for a solution.



Greg Pan


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