[p4] Accessing Perforce through the web.

Elkins, Mark MElkins at brocksolutions.com
Mon Nov 27 09:19:35 PST 2006

I want to set up a central web server that allows Perforce users to log
into a web site and view the depot files to which they have access.
Essentially I am looking for a (very) simplified, web-based version of
P4V.  Ideally it would:

1. Support multiple users.
2. Authenticate users using their P4 credentials.
3. Permit users to view, (and possibly modify,) the depot files to which
they have access.
4. Deny access to those files to which the user does not have access.

I have looked at P4Web, but it really only supports one user per
instance.  If it truly supported multiple users, then it would be

Does anyone know if there is a product or package out there that
provides a multi-user web-based interface to Perforce?


Mark Elkins 

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