[p4] Accessing Perforce through the web.

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Unfortunately I would have to argue that it does not support multiple
AUTHENTICATED users.  Yes, I can set it to browse mode, set the P4USER
variable for the web server to some generic user.  However, this allows
does not enforce permissions defined in the protections table.

For example, say I have a user named Bob.  Bob has been granted access
to //depot/Proj1/..., but has been denied list access to
//depot/Proj2/....  I have another user named Alice. She has access to
//depot/Proj2/..., but not //depot/Proj1/....

Using P4Web I have found no way to enforce the above permissions using a
single P4Web instance.  Bob should see //depot/Proj1/..., but not
//depot/Proj2 when he logs in.  Alice should see //depot/Proj2/..., but
not //depot/Proj1/... when she logs in.

If I use P4Web in browser mode and a common "guest" user and workspace,
there is no way to enforce permissions set in the protections table.
Bob and Alice can see both projects.  This violates code security.

If I use P4Web in authenticated browser mode, I am forced to set the
P4USER environment on the server.  Now P4Web will only work for that
user.  Thus I would need separate instances of P4Web to allow Alice and
Bob to use P4Web.  Unless I am mistaken, from my reading of the P4Web
documentation and my own experimentation there is no way around this.
>From the documentation

"At the browser's username/password prompt, you must enter the username
that matches the one P4Web was started up with. Normally, this is the
same as your system login or account username. If you do not know your
Perforce username, you can go to the command-line and use the p4 set
command to view the value of P4USER."

What I am looking for essentially is something similar to P4Web in
authenticated browser mode, but has the ability to support
multiple-users per instance.  Does anyone know of a package that does

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p4web does support multiple users. To see it in action, go to

Information on using p4web can be found here:

On 11/27/06, Elkins, Mark <MElkins at brocksolutions.com> wrote:
> I want to set up a central web server that allows Perforce users to
> into a web site and view the depot files to which they have access.
> Essentially I am looking for a (very) simplified, web-based version of
> P4V.  Ideally it would:
> 1. Support multiple users.
> 2. Authenticate users using their P4 credentials.
> 3. Permit users to view, (and possibly modify,) the depot files to
> they have access.
> 4. Deny access to those files to which the user does not have access.
> I have looked at P4Web, but it really only supports one user per
> instance.  If it truly supported multiple users, then it would be
> perfect.
> Does anyone know if there is a product or package out there that
> provides a multi-user web-based interface to Perforce?
> Thanks,
> Mark Elkins
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