[p4] AltRoots not working properly for version 2005.2

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Tue Nov 28 09:59:25 PST 2006

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> Does /u/user/testing/phase exist before you change the 
> AltRoots:, and is
> your current working directory there or in a subdirectory thereof? If
> not, you would seem to be falling foul of the following logic 
> described
> in the manual:
> "Perforce compares the current working directory against the 
> main Root:
> first, and then against the two AltRoots: if specified. The first root
> to match the current working directory is used. If no roots match, the
> main root is used."

That reminds me of a quirk I ran into using altroots for a client
used on Windows and Unix (shared filesystem). As I recall, if I
made the Windows path the main root, and tried to sync a fresh
workspace on unix, where none of the root paths existed yet, I ended
up with a directory named "P:" (the drive mapped to the common area).

Worked better to use the unix path as the main root, then things
worked correctly on both since at least the drive letter always
existed on Windows and it seemed to do the right thing.

It has been a couple of years, and several releases since I played
with it, though.


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