[p4] Tips for syncing with SVN

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at bleepsoft.com
Wed Nov 29 16:47:05 PST 2006

There are a few open source projects I deal with on a daily basis,  
and for some of my work I need to maintain custom builds and/or patch  
sets, and I was wondering if anybody had come up with any decent  
solution to keeping perforce quasi-in-sync with a subversion directory.

Take the Mono Project (http://www.mono-project.org) for example, I  
would like to be able to sync from their AnonSVN service to my  
perforce repository (//contrib/mono-project/...) every week or so,  
but I don't want to simply obliterate any of my patches that I may  
still be testing. I've tried simply adding the entire tree (.svn/*  
included) and that doesn't seem to work, as I need to essentially  
`find . -name "*" -exec p4 edit {} \;` right before I call `svn  
update` which is terribly time consuming and error prone depending on  
the size of the SVN source tree I want to keep in sync with.

I can count the number of either open source, or client subversion  
repositories I want to keep in sync with on both hands, but its still  
something I'd like to make easier and more reliable. As of yet, I've  
only seen tips/tools for importing a subversion repo into perforce,  
not any sort of "sync" tools to keep two repositories "separate but  
equal" ;)


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