[p4] vexing p4v problem on mac os

Jamison, Shawn sjamison at ciena.com
Wed Aug 1 19:39:53 PDT 2007

I have a similar issue with my unix/linux users.  I recently went from a
security level of 0 to 2 and I have seen some really bizarre stuff.  

The most common is the p4v client prompting the users at random
intervals for their password after they have logged in.  

What is funny is they login at the command line or p4v on the Linux
server. Then they turn around and login again in their windows p4v
client and somehow the two step on each other and they end up in this
eternal round of logging in with every client refresh :-)

-Shawn J>
Babs/Perforce Admin

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Did the security level on your server change? How about the IP address?
Pull up a command shell and type 'p4 set'. Get rid of the environment
setting from your startup files. You can also try deleting your tickets
folder (~/.p4tickets by default). Do all of this while P4V is shut down.
Restart P4V and try again. You can also try 'p4 login' from the command
line and see how that behaves for you.


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Subject: [p4] vexing p4v problem on mac os

Hi all,

I have been an avid user and proponent of perforce for the past 7 years.

But I'm currently experiencing some bizarre behavior which I would call
a severe bug - although I can't find any info about it with a google

The problem is that on mac os p4v, password protected users simply do
not work for me.  p4v constantly complains about the password with a
never-ending barrage of dialogs.  I know that I'm entering it correctly,
I figured that out after about the 100th time.  Command line p4 with
PASSWD env variable and windows p4v work fine - no problems, smooth

Any idea what's going on?

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