[p4] Adding with wildcards

Vinny Murphy (vmurphy) vmurphy at cisco.com
Thu Aug 2 18:47:22 PDT 2007

Hi Greg,

>From http://www.perforce.com/perforce/technotes/note012.html you could

C:> cd src
C:> dir /b /s /a-d | p4 -x - add

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I'm trying to add everything under a given directory (recursively), but
the only wildcard that I know that does recursive operations is "...",
and that only seems to work on what is already in perforce.  "*" works
on local files, but isn't recursive.  Are there any wildcards that will
let me what I want?

I have a directory structure:


And I want to do something like:
p4 add d:\src\...


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