[p4] partial file revert?

Andrew May acmay at acmay.homeip.net
Sat Aug 4 01:27:43 PDT 2007

On Thu, 02 Aug 2007 10:21:30 -0500
"Steve M. Robbins" <steve at sumost.ca> wrote:
> I habitually review diffs of all modified files before check-in.  When
> using emacs' cvs mode, there is a way to go through the diff one chunk
> at a time much like the perforce diff tool.  However, I can also
> selectively revert a chunk if I change my mind.  Morever, since emacs
> is an editor I can actually edit the file right there.

If you are an emacs user have you used the Perforce emacs lisp library?

It hooks right into ediff. (C-x p -) should bring it up. Then n/p should
jump between chunks, and "b" should take the old version.

But I really like the p4-diff-all-opened, where you can see the raw diff
of every file and enter will bring you to the file and line of the
change. It makes it real easy to double check and tweak all your
pending changes.

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