[p4] Removing old files generated by Nightly Builds

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Hugo --

William Ivey covered the mechanisms you can use. Basically, it's a tradeoff
between storage size and developer convenience. If a build takes very
little time (relative to your developers' expectations, I should add), then
there is no reason to store build output at all for those purposes. If your
build is time-consuming, storing build output can save developers time, but
there is a diminishing return the further you get from the head. Just
remember that not everyone is necessarily working on the absolute latest
and greatest source for a variety of potential reasons.

Another major reason to store build output is for build and release
repeatability. Compilers, libraries, other build tools and operating
systems change. You may not be able to repeat a build if much time has
passed. Selectively archiving build results protects you from this.
Especially with increasing requirements for corporate IT governance and, in
particular, auditing, there may be a business motivation for this, as well.


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Subject: [p4] Removing old files generated by Nightly Builds

Q. What's the suggested method for removing Nightly Build generated files?
Obliterate them?!

I am new to Perforce. I've bought Laura Wingerd's "Practical Perforce". In
chapter 8, she talks about Nightly Builds, and check-ins of generated
files, and how to tag them with a rolling label.
I understand the reason behind checking-in generated files ("developers can
have up-to-date versions of shared libraries and other generated files
without having to build everything themselves"), but... it strikes me as
odd to keep all those generated files in the depot forever, even after
rolling the label to a new build!...  If the nightly label is moved to new
files, there's no reason to keep the old ones, right?
Thanks in advance for any info.
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