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paul goffin paul.goffin at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Aug 9 08:15:26 PDT 2007

Hi Todd,

It may seem like a negative, but the clientspec serves one
critical function for the user and one critical function for
the server so is hard to make optional.

For the user, the clientspec means the directory & filelayout
of the server depot need not be anything like the layout
of the client and this means it's possible to structure
a server hierarchy that works for a company product structure
and a client layout that suits the development tools.

For the server, the reason Perforce needs a clientspec is the
server schema logs what files have been sent to that workspace
against the spec name.  (If you're used to CVS or subversion,
then in effect, Perforce stores the ".cvsignore" or .SVN directory
contents in the server, not on your workstation.) 

If there was no clientspec or anything like it, Perforce couldn't
log what it's sent you and that would make it a lot less efficient.

(Perhaps perforce should offer the option of creating a default
client spec if one doesn't exist when you try any kind of sync?
Let support know if you think that's a good way forward.)


Quoting todd.benham at kodak.com:

> Absolutely. And even more generally: you should be able to a sync to
> anywhere without creating a client -- if there is a way to do this let me
> know. (I am a still new user). This is one of my bigger negatives of
> perforce.
> Todd

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