[p4] Label Get Revision dialog

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Thu Aug 9 08:36:45 PDT 2007

As Paul pointed out Perforce needs the client spec to track
what's in the workspace. If you don't care about that, there
is another command which sort of does what you want, p4 print.

Unfortunately, it only creates one file at a time, but you
could script it to act like sync.

Sync has an option, -p, which doesn't track the contents of the
workspace, but it looks like it still needs a client spec for
the mapping. (Haven't tried it yet.)


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Absolutely. And even more generally: you should be able to a sync to
anywhere without creating a client -- if there is a way to do this let
know. (I am a still new user). This is one of my bigger negatives of


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