[p4] Viewing files not in the workspace

Dix, John JDix at MedManageSystems.com
Thu Aug 9 12:40:07 PDT 2007



In P4Win there was a way to filter the workspace view to view only those
files that are NOT in the depot.  I cannot seem to find this in P4V.
Along those same lines, what I am trying to do is to go through an
entire directory structru3e and add ALL files not currently in the
depot. I executed p4 add ... and it registered the fact that it couldn't
add the files that were in the depot already:


//depot/VSSIntegrate/EMS/eMedSample/WwwRoot/Route/eSigRoute.asp - can't
add existing file 


(I expected this) but it did not add the files to the changelist to be
checked in that were NOT in the depot. It seems like this is a newbie
question that I shouldn't be asking... ;)

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