[p4] PyPerforce 0.4 released

Lewis Baker lewis at redtribe.com
Thu Aug 9 14:58:50 PDT 2007

Hi All,

A new release of PyPerforce is now available at

The 0.4 release introduces support for the KeepAlive functionality in the
Perforce C++ API. You can now provide a Python function to a Connection  
that will be called periodically during long-running commands to give you  
opportunity to abort that operation. This allows you to write command-line
scripts that are able to respond to Ctrl-C or GUI applications that have a
cancel button.

A Job class has been added to round out support for Perforce form-based
objects. The form-based objects, such as Client, Job, Branch, etc, now also
support iteration over their fields in a similar way to Form objects.

For example:

>>> import perforce
>>> p4 = perforce.Connection()
>>> p4.connect()
>>> job = perforce.Job(p4, 'job1234')
>>> for fieldName in job:
>>>   print fieldName, "=", job[fieldName]

For a detailed list of other changes and bugfixes see the change notes  

I hope that people find these new features useful and I look forward to
any feedback, comments, thoughts or suggestions.


Lewis Baker
Software Engineer

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